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BCU Training and Assessments

BCU Trainings and Assessments

Develop a solid foundation of paddling skills through Liquid Fusion Kayaking's BCU trainings and assessments. 

BCU 3 Star Training on the Mendocino Coast

The British Canoe Union (BCU) is the most recognized International governing body for paddlesports for both coaching and individual awarding systems.  The BCU trainings and Star awards give paddlers and coaches a sysetamatic approach to develop and assess paddling skill levels.  Instructors, outfitters, and symposium organizers use BCU Star Awards to ensure that paddlers have prerequisite skills for outings and classes.

BCU Star Awards on BCU North America

Liquid Fusion Kayaking offers the following BCU Training and Assessments:

BCU 1 Star - Safety, regard for equipment, and fun are the key components of the 1 Star Award.  BCU 1 Star Syllabus

BCU 2 Star Training - Develop the foundation skills for paddling including boat control (forward, backward, sideways, turning, bracing) and safety and rescue. BCU 2 Star Syllabus

BCU 2 Star Assessment - On sheltered water, demonstrate that you've got the basic kayaking skills that include boat control and safety and rescue in more than one type of craft (sea kayak, canoe, whitewater kayak).  BCU 2 Star Syllabus

BCU 3 Star Sea Training - Put the "sea" in your sea kayaking.  Take your paddling skills into moderate conditions that involve currents and bumpy waters.  At the 3 star level, we will practice surf launch and landing and rescue skills in moving water as well as do precision stroke work to hone your technique to maximize efficiency in all conditions.  BCU 3 Star Syllabus

BCU 3 Star Sea Assessment - Demonstrate that you have the skills to be a competent member of a group in moderate conditions.  Skills include precision boat control with strokes that are efficient and technically correct, boat control in bumpy water, surf zone launching and landing skills, individual and buddy rescue, navigation, and route planning.  BCU 3 Star Syllabus

Here is LFK's 2014 BCU course offerings.  Call us to register for a training or assessment (707) 962-1623.  We will schedule additional training and assessments when we have 3 or more paddlers interested so please contact us with your interests.


March 14-16 BCU 3 Star Training on the Mendocino Coast 2.5 day training $290/person

March 17 BCU 3 Star Assessment on the Mendocino Coast $110/person*

May 31- June 1 BCU 3 Star Training on the Mendocino Coast 2 day training $220/person

June 2 BCU 3 Star Assessment on the Mendocino Coast $110/person*

September 5-7 BCU 3 Star Training on the Mendocino Coast 2.5 day training $290/person

September 8 BCU 3 Star Assessment on the Mendocino Coast $110/person*

October 1-9 BCU Week in Oregon hosted by Alder Creek Canoe and Kayak

Coming 2015

Coastal Navigation and Planning

BCU 4 Star Training

*BCU Certification Fee is $10 upon passing for certification.