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Reservations are necessary for all of our tours, classes, and lessons. Please call (707) 962-1623 for reservations.

Sunday Mendocino Kayak Tours

Paddlers can join us on our Sunday Paddles.  Our Sunday Paddles are $60/person ($80/person if you need to use one of our kayaks).  Our Sunday Paddles range from mild to wild and for beginner through advanced so paddlers can select the paddle that suits their skill level and interests.

Kayaking Surfing on the Mendocino CoastSea kayaking to Mendocino's Point Cabrillo Lighthousewhitewater kayak rock gardening near Mendocino

First Sunday- Surf Kayak Safari - Explore and kayak surf Mendocino County breaks with LFK.  Click here for more information.

Second Sunday - Coastal Exploration Tour - Sea kayak and explore a stretch of the Mendocino Coast.  Each month May - September, we paddle a different stretch exploring the coastline and admiring the beauty and wildlife from the water.  Click here for more information.

Third Sunday - Rock Garden Exploration and Play - Challenge your kayak skills to play and explore the rock gardens and surf zones of the Mendocino Coast in whitewater kayaks and play on the Mendocino Coast. Click here for more information.